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Watch how blind users use GoodMaps Explore to navigate their surroundings.

Watch how blind users use GoodMaps Explore to navigate their surroundings.

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GoodMaps user walking through airport

Dynamic Navigation

Imagine being in an airport and not knowing how to get to your flight gate or shopping at the mall and not knowing what stores are around. GoodMaps Explore helps people who are visually impaired navigate safely and efficiently.

Powered by GoodMaps Studio

GoodMaps Explore is built on GoodMaps Studio mapping data to provide the best indoor mapping data available.

Our seamless indoor to outdoor navigation experience allows users to have a hassle-free trip. Imagine having all the information you have outdoors brought to the indoors.

GoodMaps Studio allows venue owners to update and customize their indoor maps ensuring that POI data is always up to date.

Revolutionary Indoor Positioning

GoodMaps Explore, utilizes camera-based positioning (CPS), which uses geo-referenced images to determine a user's position.

It's accurate.

GoodMaps Explore locates where you are in a room within 2-inches to 1 meter of accuracy. This is a substantial improvement over the accuracy provided by GPS (which is 8-10M outdoors), Bluetooth trilateration (4-5M) and other approaches.

It needs only minimal infrastructure.

Prior to GoodMaps, indoor positioning required the installation and maintenance of hardware, like Bluetooth beacons or Ultra-wide band beacons. This is costly and requires labor for installation and maintenance. The GoodMaps approach only requires a single beacon at building entrances.

“I think in terms of interface and simplicity, this one has it nailed.”

Hear from GoodMaps Explore Users

  • "You can use generic keywords in the search field and if needing a little help, connect with a remote volunteer at Be My Eyes. Lots of great features to make getting around easier and safer." - David

  • "Explore is awesome as it works with speech, a Braille Display, or both together.” -Bob

  • “The tutorials are very clear and the application has a very simple design.” -Jason

  • “Using GoodMaps Explore for the first time was so crazy. I walked around my neighborhood and I notice things that my mom and dad didn't notice. I saw the street names that I was walking on and I knew which Cardinal direction I was facing. It was really an awesome eye opener for me.” - Taylor

  • Overall I have found it to be intuitive and easy to use. My students could pick it up and get immediate information about their environment without a lot of training. Most of my students, and any kid in general, is good at their phone. So, it's nice that it's on a platform that they are familiar with and able to use. - Jamie

  • "Being able to hear what streets I am crossing, instills independence in me as a blind person. Explore equips me with information about streets in my city, thus, knowing what street is where, and how to get there. Besides, becoming available on Android, means that many blind people like me who use Android, can benefit from the app that a few months ago, they could only wish for." - Warren

4 Easy Tabs for Exploration. Download now on iOS and Android.


On-demand or automatic updates your immediate surroundings.

Shake your phone to hear a snapshot of your current location, including current direction, nearest room, street, or points of interest (POI).

Route directions with accurate indoor routing for independent travel.

Follow a route to a destination in mapped indoor venues.


Save all your Favorite destinations in one place

Quickly set as a destination.


Direction-based discovery at your fingertips.

Discover the POIs in the direction you point the phone. You will hear the POIs in order of proximity.


Customize your experience

Explore available indoor buildings. Choose the settings that work best for you. Access the User Guide and Tutorials, contact Support