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A Tour Guide in Your Pocket

With an ever-growing collection, finding what a visitor wants is becoming even more complicated – GoodMaps can help.

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Experience the Future of Indoor Mapping

With its user-friendly and efficient interface, the GoodMaps app – inclusive by design – enables effortless navigation and interaction in busy locations.

Entrance-to-destination wayfinding enables everyone – including those with disabilities – to find their way independently, confidently, and with increased safety.

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Digitization Is Only the Beginning

While many museums and libraries have embraced the digitization of their archives and exhibitions, this only accounts for a small portion of a visitor’s requirements. By introducing a detailed, unobtrusive navigation system, a venue can create an interlocking solution that combines audio descriptions of art with computer terminals for books and the main kiosk with a restroom. Unlocking an experience begins with enhancing access.

A Tour Guide in Your Pocket

An integrated solution would not only enable a visitor to have a fuller experience while exploring, but it can ensure administration and curation is a holistic endeavor. One that can unlock the potential for a space to delight and engross the whole community.

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