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How it works

Creating Smarter Spaces Through Digital Mapping

It only takes a few simple steps to ensure your venue’s ready for the future of digital mapping.


Step One

Scanning Your Venue

It’s as simple as taking a walk through your venue. One of our highly-trained technicians will navigate your location with a LiDAR scanner to capture multiple pieces of 360° data.

A 3D rendering of a building

Step Two

A 3D Map of the Entire Space

Once the scan is complete, our mapping team will take the data and stitch together a comprehensive digital representation of your venue. With this data, they can generate a highly accurate two-dimensional floor plan, a computer-driven 3D point cloud, and an immersive feature cloud.

A scan of a staircase, visualizing how GoodMaps can create features with incredible detail

Step Three

Editing Your Map

With Studio, managing your venue’s map is straightforward. From controlling access and permissions to updating points of interest, you decide how a visitor should interact with your space.

A screenshot of the GoodMaps Studio map editor

Step Four

Finding Your Way

Once finalized, whether using the GoodMaps native app or through an integrated SDK and API experience, visitors will be able to navigate your venue with ease.

A staircase with a GoodMaps label superimposed that states: “Spiral Staircase”

The Products

How To Interact With Your Maps

GoodMaps App

Experience the future of indoor navigation with GoodMaps. Inclusive by design, the app’s user-friendly and efficient interface enables everyone to explore with increased accuracy.

GoodMaps Studio

With Studio, venue owners can easily access and edit their digital maps, enabling them to remove or amend points of interest and alter user access, all in a single location.


What People Are Saying

With the launch of this app, we are pioneering support for as many customers as possible… This development could not have been possible without the support of the Walmart customer community. I invite all our local customers to come out and try the technology.

Mariano Ramos

Operations Lead (Walmart Mexico)

… with GoodMaps, you just have one surveyor scanning the station with a small piece of handheld equipment, [which] means you can get it set up quickly, and when you make updates to stations, you can arrange site visits to update your maps at short notice as well.

Chris Jeffery

Accessibility & Transport Integration Manager (TransPennine Express)

With GoodMaps, not only are people going to be guided through our museum safely, but now we’re able to help them engage more fully with the museum’s collections and exhibits as well with audio descriptions and historical details available through the app.

Casey Harden

Senior Director of Engagement (Frazier History Museum)

Ready To Get Started?

Would you like to become a GoodMaps venue, want more information on a topic, or have a specific question? If so, we’d love to hear from you.