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Tomorrow’s Workplace Is Just Around the Corner

With an ever-diversifying workforce, why not partner with GoodMaps to embrace this and enable all employees to feel connected.

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Experience the Future of Indoor Mapping

With its user-friendly and efficient interface, the GoodMaps app – inclusive by design – enables effortless navigation and interaction in busy locations.

Entrance-to-destination wayfinding enables everyone – including those with disabilities – to find their way independently, confidently, and with increased safety.

More Benefits

Work Better With GoodMaps

Support Modern Hybrid Practices

Through flexible working patterns, desk hoteling has reduced the need for familiarity and fixed routines, so why not help create a physical environment that matches the efficiencies of the virtual workspace? Enable staff and visitors to find their desks and amenities and book meeting rooms comfortably with accurate, highly configurable navigable maps.

Embrace Diversity

An accessible map can enable you to welcome a broader demographic to your premises, and – by becoming a fully inclusive workplace – you can also increase the depth of your workforce and ultimately improve your business’s overall performance.

Maximize Facility Utility

Provide your facilities team with accurate, up to date (and fully customizable) maps that enable them to improve and adapt building usage through intelligent resource integration. Turn your two-dimensional floor plans into dynamic digital representations to help increase productivity, safety, and awareness.

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Inclusive Design’s Impact on the Modern Workplace

A diverse workplace is necessary for the long-term success of a business. Having a talent pool that consists of people from different backgrounds brings new perspectives and ideas and ensures you a broader range of communication skills and styles. However, if your office space isn’t accessible, it can prevent talented…

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Innovation for Accessibility and Inclusion

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people experience some form of visual disability. Approximately 75 million people require a wheelchair. Worldwide, 466 million people experience some form of hearing disability, and 70 million people across the globe have neurodevelopmental and/or intellectual disabilities. In the United States alone, 16…

Accessibility for All – When we innovate for accessibility, we innovate for everyone.

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