Creating Smarter Spaces

Airport terminal with navigational signs
  • Built with connection in mind.

    Everyone needs a guiding hand from time to time, and with GoodMaps’ user-friendly and highly intuitive mapping system, no one will feel lost.

  • Arrive precisely as intended.

    With a combination of state-of-the-art LiDAR imaging and highly accurate camera positioning, GoodMaps enables a visitors’ smartphone to locate and orientate their journey seamlessly and with zero friction.

  • No hardware. Zero installation.

    By removing the need for complicated and high-maintenance installations (such as Bluetooth beacons and Wi-fi fingerprinting), GoodMaps’ deployment and continued upkeep are straightforward and painless.

  • Direction for everyone.

    GoodMaps was established to aid autonomous wayfinding and designs with inclusivity in mind.

Find out more about GoodMaps’ implementation at Walmart Mexico’s Torres Lindavista store.

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