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A More Intuitive Way to Shop

With its user-friendly and efficient interface, our app – inclusive by design – enables effortless in-store navigation and interaction.

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Experience the Future of Indoor Mapping

With its user-friendly and efficient interface, the GoodMaps app – inclusive by design – enables effortless navigation and interaction in busy locations.

Entrance-to-destination wayfinding enables everyone – including those with disabilities – to find their way independently, confidently, and with increased safety.


Named by Fast Company as One of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail in 2023

“For decades, Fast Company has been shining a spotlight on the businesses that are changing the world as we know it. GoodMaps is honored to join these ranks just four years after being founded. This recognition underscores our audacious vision (one shared with our partners) – to make the indoors more accessible to everyone – and strengthens our ability to make good on that dream. Our deepest thanks to Fast Company.”

– Jose Gaztambide, CEO

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Transforming Retail Strategies

Retail is an ever-growing industry that must adapt and respond instantly. From brick and mortar stores to online shopping, companies must adjust current practices to reimagine the customer experience both in-person and digitally. While the retail landscape has continued to shift, the pandemic has forever altered how we shop. Consumers…

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Digital Wayfinding Can Create a Frictionless Experience in Venues

In a post-COVID world, we are eager to return to our favorite entertainment venues to enjoy live music, sports games, plays, exhibitions, and more. However, with the return of live entertainment came confusion and overwhelm when navigating large and crowded spaces. With digital wayfinding, visitors can navigate crowds without the…

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