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Social Placemaking:
Sustainability Is on the Move

In an ever-evolving landscape of sustainable urban development, transit hubs are well-placed to play an integral role in shaping connectivity. These bustling transportation centers not only hold the potential for efficient mobility but also for fostering vibrant and accessible communities. And, as cities look to create sustainable and inclusive transit…

A rail platform with an alert notification of an inbound train.

Building a Sustainable Transit Hub with Efficient Navigation

With the need to build a more sustainable future, transit hubs are well-placed for meaningful change. Airports and rail stations – bustling centers of travel and commerce – serve as critical junctures in our urban infrastructure and, as such, have the potential to become central to sustainable innovation. By incorporating…

An aerial view of a green field with wind turbines and a digital ribbon connecting them.

Sound Transit: Bringing Accessibility to Rail

In 2023, GoodMaps partnered with Sound Transit (rail operators in the Seattle metropolitan area) to commence a long-term project to provide real-time, turn-by-turn directions and up-to-date scheduling information for all passengers. Beth Hamby, Sound Transit’s Senior Accessibility Program Manager, called GoodMaps “one of several promising technology projects Sound Transit’s…

Three sheets from the Station Information Sheet depicting a transit schedule, alert notification, and service alert.

Embracing the Future:
2024’s Top 10 Mobility Innovation Trends

As we move into 2024 – driven by various cutting-edge technologies and a growing emphasis on sustainability – the mobility landscape is undergoing a transformative revolution. From intelligent, AI-driven transportation systems to groundbreaking vehicle designs and big data, the transit sector is witnessing a surge of innovation that promises to…

A 3D rendering of a rudimentary electric car in an urban environment.

U.S. Federal Transit Admin Rolls Out All Stations Accessibility Program

While our country has made enormous progress in the three decades since passing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), too many people with disabilities still don’t have access to reliable public transportation. Using funds from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are modernizing some of our oldest public rail stations…

Time lapse of people entering and exiting a train station

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