Indoor mapping just took a turn for the better

GoodMaps is the industry-leading, innovative, and user-friendly indoor mapping platform that offers greater accuracy and greater accessibility without the burden of hardware installation. This revolutionary technology deploys universal, inclusive navigation and entrance-to-destination wayfinding quickly, so your passengers — including those with disabilities — will be able to find their way independently, confidently, and securely.

Whitepaper: Choosing Accessibility Technologies for Modern Public Transit

An easier way to find their way

Whether blind or low vision, deaf / hearing impaired, or simply “transportation challenged,” GoodMaps has wowed users at every turn. Not only will they get precise directions — accurate within 2-3 feet — around your building, they can also choose their language, cueing method, and route to meet their needs. Whether it’s a stair-free path for people in wheelchairs, a route with fewer obstacles for people with visual impairments, or a quieter journey for folks uncomfortable with crowds, GoodMaps is removing barriers and helping to modernize transit stations at home and abroad.

Fast, hardware-free deployment with minimal maintenance

With no beacons or other hardware required, our commercial off-the-shelf platform can be up and running quickly with minimal disruption and maximum security. GoodMaps Studio hosts secure — and easy-to-update — digital maps of your facility using state-of-the-art LiDAR scanning and image recognition. And GoodMaps Explore – our fully accessible and free user app – puts your maps at travelers’ fingertips, guiding them to ticket buying, dining, shopping, train platform, passenger pick-up, and more.

How to fund the future

With new federal funding opportunities — in the US — for modern, accessible transit upgrades and Urban Mobility Framework inclusivity pilot programs in Europe, funding from governments is currently a strong possibility. However, there are more creative ways to get budgets for accessibility and modernization. For example, GoodMaps could qualify for facilities funding because we provide digital maps of your entire system that can be updated at any point and are always current. Also, GoodMaps is a great alternative for your signage / billboards budget because our navigation is real-time and easily updated so it never goes out of date. Now, it’s never been easier to allow people from all walks of life to enjoy your world-class facility — and as your indoor mapping partner — we’re here to help guide you through the process.

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