GoodMaps Studio

Our mapping data is powerful. Let's work together.

  • Partnerships

    GoodMaps strive to create meaningful partnerships that are focused on building accessible tools for people with all abilities.

  • Developers

    Our mapping platform can be used in a multitude of ways via our robust SDK and API kits.

  • Distributors

    We can take accessibility to the next level by spreading our technology throughout the world.

Let's succeed together.

Our current partnerships consist of companies that are mission driven and focused on bringing new innovative technology solutions to the accessibility segment around the world.

Let's build together.

GoodMaps Studio is a platform focused on collaboration and integration with other tech companies. We are committed to providing all encompassing tools that can bring accessibility, safety, and productivity through our mobile and web apps. Some of the use cases we have explored are: asset tracking, contact tracing, virtual tours, and voice activation.

Let's expand together.

GoodMaps is in the process of expanding our technology outside the U.S. We are always looking for motivated distributors who are as energized as our team to push the accessibility limits.

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