Future Development

Apps for Maps

We believe that maps can change the world. With "apps to use the maps," GoodMaps brings digital maps to life, delivering value immediately for your venues and those who use them. GoodMaps is actively exploring new opportunities to create other applications that can solve uses cases for all businesses. Imagine using GoodMaps to…

Maps with a purpose.

  • GoodMaps Response

    Support firefighters with critical building information that will make them safer in an emergency situation.

  • GoodMaps Control

    Better track, trace, and prevent the spread of COVID-19.​ Tells who contacts who within a facility and can map hotspots for rerouting of foot traffic or increased cleaning frequency.

  • GoodMaps Navigate

    Indoor navigation specifically focused on sighted users by providing an augmented reality experience within a building.

  • GoodMaps Tours

    Engages visitors, for example, prospective students or art enthusiasts, with an interactive virtual tour from the comfort of their home.

  • GoodMaps Trace

    Track and manage assets within your building to mitigate lost merchandise/inventory.

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