A guiding hand for those most in need

A screen of medical readouts.
An emergency sign outside of a hospital.

The first step in your healthcare journey

When facing an uncomfortable experience, help your patients reduce their anxiety and feel safer by providing accurate location-based information. By making visitors aware of expanded facilities and amenities and the route to their appointment, you can ensure a more welcoming environment for your visitors and staff.

More time for healing

With a clear and comprehensive map of your location, you can focus on what truly matters, diagnosis and treatment. By reducing the dependence on greeters and guides, you can improve a patient’s overall experience while diverting further resources to their well-being and recovery.

Reduce missed appointments

An accurate wayfinding system can help a patient determine where they should be. And, in doing so, reduce the chances of them missing an appointment entirely (to a cost of $150 billion annually), resulting in a more efficient and effective service for everyone.

Find out how ‘Improved Wayfinding Can Help Reduce Missed Appointments’.

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