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AI and AR Smart Glasses:
Reinventing Indoor Navigation

Innovation Series #1  ·  Written with Charlie Meredith, GoodMaps CTO. In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, few advancements hold the same level of promise to reshape our daily lives as camera-based smart glasses. Though many of us may hear this phrase and think of failed augmented reality (AR) devices…

A view of an airport concourse through AR glasses showing directions to the gate.

LiDAR Mapping for Precise Indoor Navigation

There are several challenges related to positioning in indoor spaces. Signal attenuation, multipath interference, and limited GPS coverage pose considerable obstacles to precise positioning. LiDAR-based navigation systems offer high-accuracy positioning and obstacle detection to assist with mapping indoor environments and provide reliable navigation data. Additionally, machine learning algorithms can enhance…

A scan of a staircase, visualizing how GoodMaps can create features with incredible detail

Benefits of Dynamic Mapping

To keep up with our rapidly evolving technological world, businesses in every industry are implementing new initiatives and testing out new technology. Mapping is one of the most critical and necessary services across the globe. Mapping has made considerable strides in the digital sphere with features that do everything from…


Digital Twins and Indoor Mapping Solutions

Our society relies on technology… and our rapidly progressing digital world requires innovative technological solutions. Industries are constantly working to advance the technology they leverage in order to improve existing products and procedures. Digital twins are the result of this continual push for improvement in efficiency, design, and engineering. What…

A cross-section of a 3D map

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