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Mapping the Future: GoodMaps Unveils Its New Brand

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, GoodMaps has embarked on a transformative journey that complements the innovative and inclusive mindsets of our trailblazing and early adopting customer base. Our recent rebranding is not just a change in appearance but a reflection of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and inclusivity.

GoodMaps Unveils Its New Brand. The new GoodMaps mark features a stylized G that includes an arrow

Beyond ADA Compliance: Building a brand that inspires inclusivity

When GoodMaps set out to rebrand, our primary challenge was to create a brand that surpassed the conventional standards of accessibility, reaching far beyond the requirements laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We wanted to set a new standard that showcased our unwavering dedication to making the world, and it’s indoors, more inclusive for everyone.

Creating a world where everyone can navigate through spaces with ease and confidence has been at the forefront of our journey since its foundation. As we reach this pivotal moment in our evolution, it’s fitting that not only is our product even more inclusive, but our brand can also represent our mission, focus, and collaborative outlook.

– Neil Barnfather, CCO of GoodMaps

Understanding that inclusivity is not a one-size-fits-all concept, we identified the communities affected most when viewing new brand visuals or navigating a new website. By taking an inclusive design approach, we considered the needs of those with disabilities when building the foundation for the brand. The result? A brand that not only complies with accessibility standards but goes the extra mile to ensure an inclusive experience for all our customers and app users – ensuring their ability to engage with our brand. We are proud to say that our rebranding is a testament to our commitment to contributing to an inclusive world and making navigation inclusive for all.

The six GoodMaps colors: Terracotta, Lime, Marina, Aqua, Ink, and Snow

GoodMaps Unveils Its New Brand. GoodMaps’ new accessible color guidelines – highlighting best practice combinations

Mapping the Future with Indoor Navigation (for all): A message to resonate with our pioneering customer base

GoodMaps has always been at the forefront of innovation, driven by a pioneering spirit that seeks to break barriers and create solutions that matter. Our customers work with us because they also embody these qualities. We wanted a brand that resonated with dynamic, forward-thinking, and passionate individuals who trusted us for their navigation needs.

Our new product and brand releases are the manifestation of our theory of change: that inclusion needs to be inclusive, that every person needs and deserves the ability to get around independently, and that the market is hungry for a navigation solution that is built for everyone. We’re grateful to our partners and clients for sharing in this vision.

– Jose Gaztambide, CEO of GoodMaps

The rebranding process didn’t simply involve changing our visual aesthetic but a deep dive into what makes our community special. A spirit of innovation, of embracing challenges, and caring deeply about creating a positive impact. Our rebranding is a celebration of the synergy between GoodMaps and the incredible community that continues to inspire us.

Adding a Visual Experience: An all-new look and feel for our app

The GoodMaps app with a navigation prompts displayed

In addition to our rebranding is the parallel evolution of our app’s look and feel. GoodMaps has expanded its user base by introducing a visual experience that allows even more users to engage with the app. The new app design not only elevates the aesthetics but also incorporates features that make navigation more intuitive and familiar, like the Augmented Reality route view.

This brand new app takes our indoor navigation technology to exciting new places as we introduce an improved screen reader experience, augmented reality features, a visual map, and more. The best part is that GoodMaps is available on the app store today and the team is already preparing our first major update to be released in a couple of weeks. This is just the beginning, so make sure to follow our progress and watch out for more to come to the official GoodMaps app in 2024.

– Charlie Meredith, CTO of GoodMaps

Download the new app in the app store today!

Together, with our revitalized brand and new app experience, we are embarking on a journey towards a future of making the world’s indoor spaces more inclusive, interactive, and joyful for everyone.

Follow along our journey as GoodMaps unveils its exciting new look with our community on social media, or sign up for our newsletter.

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