Matt Tichenor

Mapping Analyst, member of Mapping Team team

Matt earned his Bachelor's of Science from the University of Louisville where he studied Geography and Geoscience with a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). After college, Matt got the opportunity to turn a self-disciplined talent for art into a career of professional graphic design and illustration. He has spent parts of that 10+ year time living in Savannah, GA and Chicago, IL following that career path before returning home to live closer to family in Kentucky.

Full circle now, joining the GoodMaps team, Matt is able to use his GIS Mapping knowledge, experienced keen eye for design and sharp problem-solving skills to help make a real difference in people's lives. Matt loves to learn and be creative. Whether it's programming and drawing his own video games, photography, writing stories, sculpting, painting, or digital animation there's no telling what project he'll be working on next! When he's not doing that, you can usually find him hanging out with his cat, relaxing at home with some video games or movies.