Mosen At Large: GoodMaps Outdoors, how it came to be

Listen to the latest Mosen at Large Podcast by Jonathan Mosen, interviewing Mike May of GoodMaps and Troy Otillio of Aira to hear the back story of how GoodMaps Outdoors came to life! Big news for both iOS and Android users who are ready to discover the outdoors!

About Mosen At Large

Mosen At Large is the podcast that’s got the blind community talking. Join me, Jonathan Mosen, and the thousands of listeners who are part of the Mosen At Large community. Just listen if you like, or share your thoughts and questions. After all, if no one joined in, there’d be no conversation!

We’ll keep you on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing technology world from a blindness perspective, and make sense of it all. But there’s much more to Mosen At Large than tech. We look at everything through a blindness lens, including health, self-improvement, news, politics, history, leadership, music and more.

One episode is very different from another and often our listeners who write or call in set the direction of each episode.

You’ll find the podcast engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, informative, at times controversial, and always professionally produced.

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