Intel, GoodMaps Collaborate On Mapping Software Project To Make Indoor Navigation More Accessible

GoodMaps has been featured by Forbes for our collaboration with Intel on accessible indoor navigation.

Steven Aquino wrote, "Shortly after Christmas, chipmaker giant Intel published a press release in which they announced a collaboration with GoodMaps to “deliver a high-quality indoor way-finding solution for people who are Blind or visually impaired.” GoodMaps makes mapping technology useful to the Blind and low vision, touting precision accuracy of within a few feet using image recognition and LiDAR. The project was part of Intel’s RISE Technology Initiative. IRTI, as it’s known, is a program dedicated to using technological solutions to help solve societal issues like social justice, climate action, and more. Students from Portland State University appeared in a video wherein they explain how the two companies’ work has transformed their lives for the better."

Read the entire article here on the Forbes website.