GoodMaps Outdoors, now with 3D Audio

GoodMaps is excited to announce the release of GoodMaps Outdoors v5. This new version boasts the incorporation of 3D audio announcements, improved accuracy, and the inclusion of navigational shortcuts.

“It’s exciting to see a much-appreciated feature of Soundscape incorporated into GoodMaps Outdoors, becoming a further milestone in its evolution. I hope sponsors will enable even more features to be added to this powerful outdoor navigation application in the future.” – Mike May, Sendero founder

  • When Microsoft Research announced it was sunsetting its Soundscape suite, users asked if it would be possible to incorporate similar functionality into GoodMaps Outdoors – which is why GoodMaps is delighted to announce the first version of an all-new feature.
  • GoodMaps Outdoors’ integrated speech shortcut is as simple (and as powerful) as saying: “Create a route using GoodMaps Outdoors”.
  • The latest version also features its most accurate positioning ever (in both iOS and Android apps), improving its ability to pinpoint addresses and points of interest considerably.

“It is wonderful to see the cumulation of 20+ years of development, understanding, and feedback come to fruition and help provide independence for so many people.” – Neil Barnfather, GoodMaps CCO

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Established in 2019 at the American Printing House for the Blind, GoodMaps provides innovative and adaptable indoors mapping and navigation that enables everyone the freedom and autonomy to discover and interact with the world around them.

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