GoodMaps Outdoors User Guide

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GoodMaps Outdoors™ is designed to convey similar information as displayed on commercial GPS products and location databases to people with visual disabilities. However, GoodMaps Outdoors™ products have similar limitations as commercial GPS products. These limitations include:

  • Lack of information about the physical road characteristics such as: elevation, overpasses/underpasses, bridges, sidewalks, traffic controls, unsafe neighborhoods, construction and other hazards.
  • Map accuracy in newly developed areas.
  • Traffic and weather conditions.
  • Loss of GPS signals and map data due to poor cell coverage, tall buildings or other interference.
  • Created Routes may not be safe or possible to follow.

The individual user is wholly responsible for all issues related to personal safety and mobility. GoodMaps and its representatives advise all users that GPS is not a substitute for orientation and mobility with a cane or dog guide and recommends that users have good mobility skills before using GPS orientation information to travel. Extreme caution should be used when operating GPS as a pedestrian and should never be actively used while navigating busy traffic situations. GoodMaps and its representatives assume no liability for accidents or injuries that occur to users while using any GPS product.) use this link.

Updated September 27, 2021