GoodMaps is changing the way people navigate retail stores!

Easily find what you are looking for in-store by using GoodMaps Explore.

Do you ever go to the grocery store and immediately feel overwhelmed when you walk in? You enter the store and spend most of your time looking for a product rather than marking things off your shopping list. After unsuccessfully looking for the product, you have no other choice but to track down an associate and ask, "Where is the flour?" or "Where is shampoo?"

ASDA has partnered with GoodMaps in the UK, to help solve for these core navigation challenges shoppers face each day in their stores. With the GoodMaps indoor mapping and navigation technology, any shopper can now enter the store and use the GoodMaps Explore app to help them quickly find products and services they are looking for. GoodMaps prides itself on making the navigation experience completely accessible, ensuring that people who are blind or low vision, mobility impaired, and deaf or hard of hearing, can independently and confidently do their grocery shopping.

GoodMaps provides a fully inclusive wayfinding experience with an infrastructure free installation and location accuracy as good as one meter. GoodMaps utilizes LiDAR indoor digital mapping and camera-based positioning to create accurate and interactive digital maps of the stores. Once the maps are created, shoppers can download GoodMaps Explore, enter the store, choose a product group, and receive step by step directions to find the dairy or baked goods aisles as they wish!

Kane Stephenson, Inclusion Manager at Asda said: ‘’We strive to be an inclusive business and that includes making it easier for all of our customers to carry out a shop in one of our stores. We hope that by working with GoodMaps we can understand how we can make the in-store experience better for our blind and partially sighted customers. Our UK Stevenage store is the ideal testing ground for this tool with it already being home to a number of tech trials including electronic shelf labels and holograms, and this trial will teach us how we can make shopping in Asda easier for customers with additional needs.’’

How does GoodMaps Explore work? It’s simple

  1. Download GoodMaps Explore for free on iOS or Android.
  2. Visit the ASDA Store and open the app upon arrival.
  3. Search for the product you would like to find, choose directions, and off you go to that aisle!

How can GoodMaps Explore help you during your retail shopping experience?

  • Search for product groups within the store and receive turn by turn directions to quickly locate the product aisle.
  • Streamline your shopping experience by efficiently completing your shopping list.
  • Hear or see what is around you in terms of products and services.
  • Easily find points of interest in the store like the bakery, pharmacy, or customer service.

Watch some user in action videos of people using GoodMaps Explore