GoodMaps Becomes An Esri Network Startup Program Partner

Louisville Kentucky, 6/30/22

GoodMaps has become an Esri Partner Network (EPN) partner with Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, using ArcGIS Pro in a mapping workflow to create data that is consumable by Esri users.

GoodMaps mapping process starts by using a mobile LiDAR scanner to generate immersive 3D point clouds representing indoor spaces. From the point clouds, GoodMaps derives two-dimensional floorplans, route networks, and relevant points of interest within the venue, which are hosted collectively in our accessible navigation service.

By integrating the ArcGIS tools within the GoodMaps indoor mapping workflow, GoodMaps is working to:

  • improve the speed and accuracy of developing indoor maps to increase the number mapped, accessible venues across the globe.
  • provide access data in an ingestible format that other Esri partners can consume with Esri technology.
  • enable access to an Esri verified service provider for accurate indoor mapping and navigation technology that does not require installation of any equipment and provides sub meter accuracy through the use of LIDAR maps.

About GoodMaps

Originating out of the American Printing House for the Blind, GoodMaps was created to improve the accessibility, safety, and productivity of indoor spaces with new ways of indoor navigation.

GoodMaps is an indoor digital mapping platform with a simple mission: to further the cause of accessible navigation. The GoodMaps mission is to improve the accessibility, safety, and productivity of indoor spaces. We do this by creating and maintaining accurate and secure 2D and 3D digital maps, providing accurate positioning, and delighting users with a trusted wayfinding experience.

Contact GoodMaps at

(502) 845-3113

Mailing:1839 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY, 40206