A Christmas Gift from GoodMaps

by Unknown, 1/5/2021

Blind Android Users Podcast

Welcome to episode 2 of the “Blind Android Users” podcast. In this special episode, we welcome Mike May from GoodMaps and JJ Meadow, where we talk about the app called GoodMaps Explore. The app was first released on iOS back in September and we are pleased that it has now arrived on Android at the following Google Play URL. Warren demonstrated the app shortly thereafter the interview. Enjoy this app from the good folks at GoodMaps and have a Merry Christmas.

About the Blind Android Users Podcast

At Blind Android Users, we strive to make using Android as easy as possible for every blind person who's starting the Android journey. We bridge the dividing gap that stands between blind people, both new to Android and those familiar with the platform, on the use of the platform and revealing what makes the OS the platform to be on! The Blind Android Podcast believes that, no blind person should be struggling with their Android device, thus, we have determine to embark on a mission of understanding Android from a blindness perspective as easy as a child's play! To learn more about the Blind Android Users podcast visit their site: https://blindandroidusers.podsite.io/

Learn more about GoodMaps Explore.