GoodMaps and the U.S. All Stations Accessibility Program – Part of the 2021 U.S. Infrastructure Law

Three decades since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, about a fifth of transit stations remain inaccessible, according to the Federal Transit Administration. Funding now available through the All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP) can change that. GoodMaps is uniquely positioned to be an integral part of transit accessibility projects. Leading the industry in universal, accessible, inclusive navigation and entrance-to-destination wayfinding, GoodMaps provides a hardware-free, scalable, modern technology foundation to improve the transit experience for travelers of all abilities – now and well into the future.

Get With the Program

People with disabilities are about twice as likely as those without them to use public transit according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. And yet, ~25 million Americans say they have a disability that interferes with their ability to get around. Accessibility investments can help chip away at the work to be done – and the U.S. Government’s new All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP) is a great start.

  • ASAP provides $1.75 billion for accessibility projects at U.S. transit stations.
  • ASAP includes $343 million in a notice of funding availability for fiscal year (FY) 2022.
  • ASAP provides an additional $350M each year through FY2026.

Eligible projects include:

  • Repairing, improving, modifying, retrofitting, or relocating physical infrastructure for passenger use to increase accessibility
  • Developing or modifying plans for pursuing public transit accessibility projects and assessments

Unlock Your Potential to Push Forward

With the announcement of the FTA’s All Station’s Accessibility Program, many state and transit agencies are now looking for services and programs to solve their transit station accessibility requirements. It is important to carefully establish the requirements for the indoor navigation system you plan to implement. Once you have received your funding, the next step is to create your RFI, RFP and RFQ documents. These navigation services are essential for stations, but determining the right technology or service provider can be difficult and that’s where we can assist. To help set your organization up for success, GoodMaps provides a checklist for accessible indoor navigation technology RFP writing. Click below to download the RFP Readiness Kit to set yourself up for success.

GoodMaps is Better

Compared with other navigation options – like those from Google, Apple, BlindSquare and others – GoodMaps provides greater accessibility for blind/ visually impaired travelers, exceptional usability for all, measurably better accuracy, user-friendly map updates with zero hardware maintenance, and reliable security. Competitors primarily use GPS or beacons to provide navigation – so the end-user experience at indoor locations like transit stations can be highly unreliable. With GoodMaps, their experience is markedly better – accurate, safe, autonomous, and independent – empowering travelers to enjoy the journey on their own terms.

GoodMaps Is Part of the Solution

GoodMaps indoor navigation and wayfinding can be a key part of accessibility upgrades at U.S. transit stations – one that can be rolled out with no hardware in as little as a few weeks. This enables immediate improvements in the travel experience for all visitors by providing precise, turn-by-turn directions from a free and accessible phone app.

Our leading technology can even help augment the effectiveness of physical accessibility measures like wheelchair paths, braille signage, and step/stair-free routes by leading users right to them with confidence and accuracy. Our back-end analytics can then provide your facility with key data about how often those physical accessibility resources are being used, and whether travelers found them helpful.

GoodMaps Is Proven at TPE

The benefits of GoodMaps are already being realized by travelers at GoodMaps-enabled Transpennine Express stations in the UK, providing users with safer, autonomous, and more confident journeys – regardless of their abilities.

Read the case study.

GoodMaps Is the Future with Intel

We’re partnering with Intel to make a good thing even better. Enhancements to GoodMaps technology powered by Intel are designed to help us map venues faster than ever, and make our products even more affordable, robust, and scalable for the future.

Read the case study.

Making public transport accessible, hassle free, and most importantly available to the widest demographic of our society, is of huge importance to us at Transpennine Express. Passengers not only desire more flexible and refined methods of supporting their journeys through our stations, but they also expect familiar and user intuitive approaches to that experience.
Natasha Marsay, (former) Accessibility and Integration Manager, Transpennine Express

GoodMaps Leads the Way

Using state-of-the-art LiDAR technology, GoodMaps modernizes transit stations with no equipment installation, no hardware, and none of the headaches of the beacon-based indoor mapping solutions of the past. From point of entrance to ticket buying, dining, and shopping to accurate platform arrival, vehicle boarding, and destination drop-off, travelers will enjoy the confidence, convenience, and autonomy of precision navigation. For travelers who are blind or have low vision, are mobility impaired, deaf, experience hearing loss, or are simply “transportation challenged”, GoodMaps gets them where they need to go, to live the lives they deserve to enjoy.

With GoodMaps, you’re headed in the right direction.