GoodMaps Product & Services Fact Sheet

Mapping Service

A GoodMaps mapper or authorized partner will scan the building with a mobile LiDAR camera. The resulting images and data are processed to create accurate maps. Once the building map is added to the Indoor Venues list, a GoodMaps app user can enter the building and begin navigating. The user’s location inside that building is determined with GoodMaps’ revolutionary camera-based positioning technique (CPS).

Step 1: Scan your building

We walk through your space with a LiDAR backpack that takes 360-degree images, laser measurements, and video footage.

Step 2: Develop your map

We develop an accurate and detailed digital map of your space using the scan and image data. Maps are processed and hosted on GoodMaps Studio. Mapped data is presented in multiple views: 2D floorplan, LiDAR point cloud, and 3D model.

Step 3: View and edit your map

Use GoodMaps Studio to manage and edit your venue, control access and permissions to mapped data, you can:

Step 4: Share your map

Publish your map to our navigation app, GoodMaps, and to other platforms of your choosing. Go live to the world!

GoodMaps Studio

Core indoor mapping platform for facility teams to access, set permissions, and update/manage building data.

GoodMaps Studio is an indoor mapping platform that hosts building map data. Through the use of LiDAR and image recognition, GoodMaps provides fast and accurate maps at a fraction of the effort and cost of traditional indoor mapping solutions.

Studio provides a customer portal where venue owners can access and manage digital maps in multiple views, including: 2D floorplan, 3D model, and LiDAR point cloud. Within the portal, owners have the ability to maintain and edit Points of Interest, as well as control over who has access to the map data.

In addition, Studio provides role-based permissions and capabilities for owners to decide what and how much information is accessible to each user. GoodMaps mapping data can also be easily shared with other platforms such as: Apple Maps, Google Maps, and more to make venues more efficient and productive.

GoodMaps App

An accessible indoor navigation app for anyone who enters your space, including people who are blind, deaf, or mobility impaired.

GoodMaps is a free mobile navigation app that gives people who are blind a complete picture of the surrounding environment outdoors* and in your venue as they move through it. When a sighted person sees room names, water fountains, and emergency exits, people who are blind will hear announcements of direction and distance to those locations.

Use analytics from GoodMaps Explore inform your business intelligence strategies. With data from Explore, you can see and analyze:

  • Number of users who have used the app in your venue
  • Most travelled routes in your venue

[* Participating countries are US and Canada