Chemistry Links



World of Chemistry, by Zumdahl, Zumdahl and DeCoste from Houghton Mifflin / McDougal Littell



Flash Cards


Ace Practice Tests


Periodic Tables 

American Chemical Society's Periodic Table  (interactive, cool)

Chemicool (interactive, another way to look at it)

Comic Book Periodic Table (from the University of Kentucky) 

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodic Table  (interactive, very cool)

WebElements (from the University of Sheffield, very very cool, has audio descriptions of the elements) 


General Links 

Martindale's Chemistry Page 

The Sheffield Chemdex  (directory of chemistry on the WWW since 1993)

UCLA's Chemistry Resources Page 

University of Liverpool's Links for Chemists 


Academic Links

UCLA's links to Chemistry Departments by Country 


Other Chemistry Links

The Orbitron (images, animations, plots of atomic orbitals by Dr. Mark Winter at U.Sheffield)

World of Chemistry (on Wolfram's Scienceworld website by internet encyclopedist Eric Weisstein)